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How to stop selenium Grid from Ant build?

March 18, 2011 8 comments

How to stop selenium Grid from Ant build?

This is also a very simple process as similar to starting the Selenium Grrid from a bat/sh file[mentioned here].

First of all we need to create a bat/file with either of following commands

curl -d action=shutdown http://localhost:4444/lifecycle-manager

wget --post-data action=shutdown action=shutdown http://localhost:4444/lifecycle-manager

Save the bat file in the Selenium Grid base directory. Double check bat file whether its working fine by double clicking on that[pre condition : Selenium Hub and RCs must started before].

I am using this way because there is no default ant target for shutting down the Selenium Grid.

Coming to Ant Build, we need to create a custom ant target in build.xml to execute the above bat file. It look like

<target name=”stopGrid”>
<exec dir=”${grid.dir}” executable=”cmd” os=”Windows XP”>
<arg line=”/c stopGrid.bat”/>

Save the build.xml and execute target as ‘ant stopGrid‘.

Happy testing…


How to start Selenium Grid hub and RCs with one click.

March 18, 2011 2 comments

How to start Selenium Grid hub and RCs with one click.

Its a so simple process. We can done it by creating a bat/sh file.  Here is the steps

Open a notepad and enter following

start /B ant launch-hub
start /B ant -Denvironment=”*firefox” -Dport=5555  -DhubURL=http://localhost:4444 launch-remote-control
start /B ant -Denvironment=”*iehta” -Dport=5557  -DhubURL=http://localhost:4444 launch-remote-control

Save the notepad as bat file in Selenium Grid base directory.  Double click on the bat file and it will start Hub and RCs.

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Basic Selenium Intro..

February 10, 2011 5 comments


Now a days ‘Selenium’ is common and popular world in software testing field.  Selenium is package of web application testing tools developed by thoughtworks. Popular tools in the Selenium package are

  • Selenium IDE
  • Selenium RC
  • Selenium Grid
  • Selenium 2 and WebDriver

Selenium IDE

I think, it is most popular tool in the selenium package because of its ease of use. Its an Firefox addon. We can easily installed as Firefox plug in on and record and playback web applications. Most importantly there is no need for technical background for using Selenium IDE.

For more info

Selenium RC

If the application under test is some what complex, Selenium RC comes into play. Because we can not do complex logics in Selenium IDE. Main thing regarding the Selenium RC is that we can create our test scripts in any language[java, php, c#, ruby, python etc] and run it on any java script enabled browsers [fire fox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome]

For more details

Selenium Grid

Consider a test application that have hundreds of tests to run for every regression[or every day], how can we manage since running those many scripts in Selenium RC takes hours and hours to execute. To over come this situation Selenium Grid is the option. Selenium Grid executes the tests parallel and saves lot of time. And also we can run tests in multiple machines and browsers at same time.

For more details

Selenium 2 and WebDriver

This is developed to overcome some limitations of Selenium 1[RC]. It does not depend on a javascript core embedded within the browser, therefore it is able to avoid some long-running Selenium limitations. Developers proposed this tool for using following conditions :

  • Cross domain testing
  • Handling multiple frames, multiple browser windows, popups, and alerts.
  • Drag-and-drop.
  • AJAX-based UI elements.

In addition to above listed tools, there are some other tools also coming from Selenium family

  • Selenium Core
  • Selenium on Rails
  • Selenium on Ruby
  • Cubic Test
  • Bromine


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